Testimonials from Actual Clients

“I found myself in an unfortunate situation, needing a lot of legal assistance. I came to Mr. Ward knowing very little about the legal system. Mr. Ward was very informative, honest, understanding, available, reasonably priced. Mr. Ward did not make unrealistic promises to me, he was very honest about the different ways my situation could turn out. Mr. Ward fought for me, more than I could of expected. He is a wonderful attorney, I’m very happy I chose him for my legal matter!”
J.J., Client, charges of Domestic Violence

“Tom helped me make my situation less stressful and smooth. He help me understand the process and guided me through it with no surprises.”
M.F., Client, charges of Domestic Violence

“Tom, you saved my life. When I came into your office I was scared to death because I had been accused of a crime I didn’t commit. You looked at the case, talked me through the upcoming process and I immediately felt more confident. Sure enough, with your help the charges were lifted. Tom, you are the best attorney in Denver. I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know.”
V.W., Client, charges of Sexual Assault on a Child

“I’m a former client of Tom Ward. With Tom’s help I became the one of the first American citizens in the history of the Department of Justice to have their federal probation transferred to a foreign country despite spending more than five years at large. To this day I remain the first and only US citizen on non-supervised federal probation in Mexico.”
R.W., Client, cases of Federal Drug Trafficking and Supervised Release Violation

“The Ward Law Firm handled my case with the utmost professionalism and care and I felt very comfortable leaving my case in their hands. Not only were they successful in representing me, they made the whole process really smooth.”
P.R., Client, charges of DUI-Marijuana

“I unfortunately got my second DUI. I contacted Tom Ward… He was referred to me from a friend. From start to finish, he worked very hard and smart with a high level of professionalism and honesty. I will always be grateful to him for what he did for me. He is who you want in your corner!”
S.S., Client, charages of DUI

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