Criminal Defense

For more than 17 years, The Ward Law Firm, PC, has provided effective, aggressive, results-oriented representation to people accused of crimes all over the state of Colorado.

Being accused of a crime is perhaps the most difficult experience any person may have to go through. A criminal prosecution can have devastating ripple effects that can go far beyond the consequences that can be imposed by a court. Just the mere accusation of a serious crime can result in loss of employment and deprive you of your ability to earn a living. It can result in college and university disciplinary actions that can prevent you from getting an education and earning your degree. It can cause psychological and emotional stress that takes an overwhelming toll on family and personal relationships.

In every criminal case, our primary goal is to deliver the best possible result given each Client’s unique set of circumstances. While aggressive courtroom litigation and impassioned and tenacious settlement negotiations each have their place, it is most often a combination of the two that will produce the best possible outcome. Each client of The Ward Law Firm can rely on our judgment and years of experience to put them in the best possible position for success.

Specialty Areas

Federal Criminal Defense
Drug Offenses
Serious Felony Crimes
Sexual Assault
White Collar Criminal Defense
College Students

Practice Areas

Drug Offenses
Firearms and Weapons Offenses
Domestic Violence
Record Sealing
COCCA and Conspiracy Cases
Civil Litigation
Mental Health